Create a learning environment with Signify lighting

From public schools to universities, cost-effective LED lighting can enhance the learning environment, increase a sense of security, and strengthen a school’s brand and reputation, while contributing to comfort, wellbeing, and sustainability.


Signify LED lighting creates inviting outdoor areas and indoor spaces that inspire concentration and focus to support your educational objectives for today, tomorrow, and the future.


The comprehensive portfolio provided below offers the most comprehensive collections of energy-efficient lighting technology to meet your project needs. All solutions are created to:

  • Provide & capture energy savings and reduce costs
  • Contribute to cognitive performance and support wellbeing
  • Promote a sense of security by ensuring well-lit space both indoor and outdoor
  • Create sustainable solutions for the future using lighting controls and IoT systems

Learning Areas

The wellbeing of students and teachers is of utmost importance.

  • Excellent lighting quality
  • Flexible and simple installation
  • Solutions using linear suspended, wall mount, troffers, track, pendant, and retrofit options.

Social Gathering

Create auditoriums, lunch areas and other inviting spaces for socialization.

  • Add flexible lighting to areas that often serve multiple functions
  • Provide glare-free, high quality color, or color changing to enhance the space
  • Solutions using linear suspended, troffers, downlights, high bays, pendants, or theatrical options.

Outdoor Lighting

Provide a sense of security outside of your school building by upgrading to LED lighting.

  • Ensure parking lots & recreational areas are well-illuminated
  • Illuminate walkways and paths
  • Solutions using area lights, canopy lights, strip lights, wallpacks, wall sconces, and floodlights.

Security Lighting

Health and safety are paramount for the learning environment. Code requirements are simple using our extensive portfolio of products.

  • Exit and emergency lighting offer guidance in hectic situations
  • Consider UV-C lighting to fight against viruses and bacteria
  • Solutions include Exit, emergency, controls, UV-C options

Download the Signify Lighting Portfolio Catalog Here