Now That’s Smart! An Open Platform Energy Management System

Now That’s Smart! An Open Platform Energy Management System

By Autani


Autani is an open platform building energy system providing one of the most flexible and powerful controls system on the market. By offering an open platform system, users are are not locked into one single vendor making scaling your system easier than ever before.


The system starts with the powerful EnergyCenter Software:

Autani’s EnergyCenter brings total control to your Smart Building in one efficient and convenient location, either on-site or remotely accessed online. Facility Managers can push scheduling and protocols across an entire network of facilities and generate analytical reporting that offers insights into how to efficiently manage your business resources.


Next, Autani saves on installation:

 Autani systems are wireless, which means that installation is simple and efficient compared to wired solutions. The Autani Commissioning application dramatically reduces commissioning time for large-scale projects.


 Finally, Autani provides flexibility, scalability and rebates:

 The Autani system is built with upgrades in mind. Our easy upgrade path means that regardless of which tier is installed, you qualify for the most advanced lighting control system rebate available.

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