Performance Without Compromise – BloomBox by Ledalite

Inspired by L-Prize-winning technology, BloomBox combines breakthrough high efficacy LED technology and optics with low glare to bring quality illumination to a variety of applications.

Intentionally designed for efficient material use up-front, BloomBox’s focus on environmentally conscious construction and eliminating waste comes to life in its modular, field-replaceable LED tray design and optics.

Luminaire-level lighting control allows for improved occupant comfort, tailored sequences of operations, and easy updates to scenes or zones.

Highlights include:

  • Efficacy: up to 170 lm/W
  • Glare: UGR < 19
  • Spacing: up to 14’x14′ OC
  • CRI: AccuRender CRI 90+ standard
  • Low-profile 2.18″ depth
  • Field-replaceable LED boards