Planning & Specifying Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is a vital part of a facility’s life safety program. It is important to carefully consider the needs of your facility to achieve the best results.

Codes and regulations, such as the NFPA® 101® Life Safety Code®, establish guidelines for emergency lighting equipment. Incorporating the right combination of elements into emergency lighting design helps provide a higher degree of safety. The best emergency lighting system is carefully planned for a specific building and its occupants. This newsletter includes a summary of some of the significant factors involved in this planning process. Scroll below to read more on:

  • Planning and Specifying Emergency Lighting
  • Codes, Standards, and Requirements
  • Comprehensive Catalog of Recommended Products

Proximity, shape, and size of exits

The configuration of walls adjoining the exit way, the amount of space devoted to exit passages and travel distance to exits should be considered when determining the number and placement of emergency lighting units.


Intended Use of Building

Additional emergency lighting may be required depending on the types of people using a facility. Elementary school children and older adults may require more emergency lighting than apartment residents, college students, or office workers. Retail situations where valuable merchandise is accessible may also require extra illumination.

Occupancy and building knowledge

Places like auditoriums, convention halls and sports arenas will undoubtedly have large groups of people unfamiliar with exit paths and therefore require more emergency lighting than buildings with smaller groups of people. The number of people expected to occupy a building will influence the needs of the space.


Codes, Standards, and Requirements for emergency lighting

Emergency lighting is a vital part of a facility’s life safety program. While it is essential to consult federal, state and local codes related to emergency lighting for your project, there are some general guidelines for code requirements.

Although state and local building codes vary, most are based upon:

  • The National Electrical Code®, NFPA 70®, Article 700;
  • The Life Safety Code®, NFPA 101®, Sections 7-8 through 7-10;
  • The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), which offers some general guidelines.
  • The California Code of Regulations – Emergency Illumination 2571.16

Key Information

These codes provide complete information on emergency lighting requirements; however, a good introduction is found in NFPA 101, Section

Below are a brief summary of requirements:

  • Emergency lighting is required throughout the path of egress and must operate for a minimum of 90 minutes.
  • Emergency lighting transfer must be automatic (within 10 seconds) of loss of the normal lighting supply power.
  • Emergency lighting must provide an average of 1 footcandle initial illumination.
  • Changes in direction must be clearly marked.
  • Products must be UL tested & within code compliance.

Emergency products must be periodically monitored once installed

Create a learning environment with Signify lighting

From public schools to universities, cost-effective LED lighting can enhance the learning environment, increase a sense of security, and strengthen a school’s brand and reputation, while contributing to comfort, wellbeing, and sustainability.


Signify LED lighting creates inviting outdoor areas and indoor spaces that inspire concentration and focus to support your educational objectives for today, tomorrow, and the future.


The comprehensive portfolio provided below offers the most comprehensive collections of energy-efficient lighting technology to meet your project needs. All solutions are created to:

  • Provide & capture energy savings and reduce costs
  • Contribute to cognitive performance and support wellbeing
  • Promote a sense of security by ensuring well-lit space both indoor and outdoor
  • Create sustainable solutions for the future using lighting controls and IoT systems

Learning Areas

The wellbeing of students and teachers is of utmost importance.

  • Excellent lighting quality
  • Flexible and simple installation
  • Solutions using linear suspended, wall mount, troffers, track, pendant, and retrofit options.

Social Gathering

Create auditoriums, lunch areas and other inviting spaces for socialization.

  • Add flexible lighting to areas that often serve multiple functions
  • Provide glare-free, high quality color, or color changing to enhance the space
  • Solutions using linear suspended, troffers, downlights, high bays, pendants, or theatrical options.

Outdoor Lighting

Provide a sense of security outside of your school building by upgrading to LED lighting.

  • Ensure parking lots & recreational areas are well-illuminated
  • Illuminate walkways and paths
  • Solutions using area lights, canopy lights, strip lights, wallpacks, wall sconces, and floodlights.

Security Lighting

Health and safety are paramount for the learning environment. Code requirements are simple using our extensive portfolio of products.

  • Exit and emergency lighting offer guidance in hectic situations
  • Consider UV-C lighting to fight against viruses and bacteria
  • Solutions include Exit, emergency, controls, UV-C options

Download the Signify Lighting Portfolio Catalog Here

Innovative Lighting Design Using Traceline

Showroom lighting must check a lot of boxes. The Holcim Innovation Hub is a showroom that showcases Holcim’s sustainable building solutions and serves as a co-creation lab to accelerate low-carbon, circular and energy-efficient building worldwide.

Located in Lyon, France, The Innovation Hub is a place where key stakeholders across the construction value chain gather to advance net-zero building. It offers working spaces to host start-ups and think tanks to accelerate innovation together. Officially opened in 2023, Holcim Innovation Hub profits of a tailor made and precise lighting project.

The featured product in this project wasTraceline by Reggiani; a linear lighting module able to provide excellent lighting results in a profile of just 20mm.

The whole project is in fact built around the use ofTraceline 48V mounted in a rectangular configuration. Thanks to the 48V track mounted inside the Traceline module, Yori Evo 48V projectors are installed and serve therefore as accent lighting for the showroom area.

Additionally, soft uniform wall wash providing lighting ambient to the space was created using theIncline custom 48V Wall Washer assures no glare and spaces design with human comfort in mind. The dedicated lens system ensures the majority of the intensity is evenly distributed across and down the wall with minimal spillback on the ceiling. Incline 48V Wall Washer is installed inside Traceline, completing the lighting project.


See more showroom lighting here:

Performance Without Compromise – BloomBox by Ledalite

Inspired by L-Prize-winning technology, BloomBox combines breakthrough high efficacy LED technology and optics with low glare to bring quality illumination to a variety of applications.

Intentionally designed for efficient material use up-front, BloomBox’s focus on environmentally conscious construction and eliminating waste comes to life in its modular, field-replaceable LED tray design and optics.

Luminaire-level lighting control allows for improved occupant comfort, tailored sequences of operations, and easy updates to scenes or zones.

Highlights include:

  • Efficacy: up to 170 lm/W
  • Glare: UGR < 19
  • Spacing: up to 14’x14′ OC
  • CRI: AccuRender CRI 90+ standard
  • Low-profile 2.18″ depth
  • Field-replaceable LED boards

Now That’s Smart! An Open Platform Energy Management System

Now That’s Smart! An Open Platform Energy Management System

By Autani


Autani is an open platform building energy system providing one of the most flexible and powerful controls system on the market. By offering an open platform system, users are are not locked into one single vendor making scaling your system easier than ever before.


The system starts with the powerful EnergyCenter Software:

Autani’s EnergyCenter brings total control to your Smart Building in one efficient and convenient location, either on-site or remotely accessed online. Facility Managers can push scheduling and protocols across an entire network of facilities and generate analytical reporting that offers insights into how to efficiently manage your business resources.


Next, Autani saves on installation:

 Autani systems are wireless, which means that installation is simple and efficient compared to wired solutions. The Autani Commissioning application dramatically reduces commissioning time for large-scale projects.


 Finally, Autani provides flexibility, scalability and rebates:

 The Autani system is built with upgrades in mind. Our easy upgrade path means that regardless of which tier is installed, you qualify for the most advanced lighting control system rebate available.

Learn More Here

Forman Wins “Largest Growth by Percentage West Zone”

Forman attended the Signify US National Agents Meeting and was awarded “2023 Largest Growth by Percentage – West Zone”!

What an honor to see such tremendous sales growth as we celebrate our 50th year in Southern California Lighting. Forman is thankful to Signify for your confidence in our team.

Looking forward to strong 2024!

Forman is Turning 50!

In 1974, ABBA was singing Waterloo, Hank Aaron was breaking baseball records, and Muhammad Ali had the heavyweight boxing title. That same year, a young and ambitious Harry Forman started a lighting agency located in the heart of the entertainment industry. Today, Forman is one of the leading lighting agencies in Southern California. What a milestone! #celebrate #50years #forman

Welcome David Ford

Forman is excited to announce that David Ford has recently been hired as part of the Quotations Team. David has worked at both the distributor and manufacturer level and knows how to get you what you need on time and on target. He’s skilled in controls, quotes, crosses, and adept at value-engineering where needed. Welcome David to the Forman Quotations Team!

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Welcome Kerstin O’Leary

Welcome Kerstin O’Leary to the Forman Team!

Kerstin will be part of our Specification Sales Group with a focus on Entertainment Lighting. Kerstin has worked in the entertainment lighting industry for more than 20 years, at companies including Strand/Vari-Lite, Pathway Connectivity and Lee Filters, in a variety of roles, including Product Specialist, Product Development, General Manager and Director of Sales. She enjoys hiking in the foothills, wine tasting, archery and travelling, especially to Italy. Fun fact: while in High School, she was the Lighting Designer for the band Fishbone.

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